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"Just wanted to send you a short note of thanks for everything your group did to allow me to return to work this week.  Your efforts went a long way towards moving me forward with my rehabilitation.  Your staff was extremely professional and allowed me to progress at my own pace.  Especially appreciated the ease of making appointments and the email reminders.  JOB WELL DONE!!  -- Jeff B.

I joined the (weight loss) program in late March (2 months ago), I needed to lose weight prior to knee surgery. I have lost 22 pounds so far.  The weight loss is due to Dr E and his staff. Everyone offers encouragement and support at each session. I am glad I joined, I feel like I am on a healthier path." -- David W.

"Overall (the office) was friendly and professional.  It really seemed like they want to help you!"

"So far 2 treatments helped already.  The doctor is excellent."
  -Irene T.

"What stood out the most was the friendly and courteous care that I got from each and everyone -- everyone was excellent!"
  -Maria N.

"I really appreciated the time the doctor took for her assessment and explaining her plan of care!"
  -Hannah L.

"Dr. Ettlinger, I was compelled to say something of the way you and your staff handled my case, and subsequent services.  I must admit I was very apprehensive about seeing a chiropractic physician, as I had strange notions about what sort of things I would undergo while receiving treatment for the injury(s) I suffered from being rear-ended in traffic.

Over the course of treatment, I was attended by all your assistants and support staff.  Each one treated me courteously and with great care and dignity.  Please extend my thanks to all for making this ordeal bearable.

I have not felt this good in many years.  I am still in awe at how easy it is to get up from sitting, or vice versa.  I still try to do the stretches and other activities you suggested to help maintain this new found 'flexibility.'

Again, thank you and your whole staff for everything you've done for me, and I wish all of you the very best."
  -Jeffery M.

"What stood out the most was the great service and professionalism of the team."
  -Richard P.

"What stood out the most was the number of treatment options available to solve my problem."

"Excellent!  Best doctor's office I've been to in a long time.  Very professional and friendly!"
  -Cindy H.

"Dr. Ettlinger and staff, Thank you so much for getting me on the road to being pain-free."
  -Nancy B.

"What stood out the most was taking me on short notice and caring enough to see that I would be safe traveling home.  Thank you to you, Dr. Ettlinger, and your staff for your courtesy and professionalism.  I have a very high regard and respect for the chiropractic field."

"The entire environment was so pleasant.  The staff and doctors were concerned about my injuries and fully explained what treatment would be needed."
  -Marie D.

"What stood out the most was how everyone working at Health Quest is friendly and outgoing.  They all make you feel welcomed -- it's a pleasure going!  Thanks!"
  -Samantha W.

"The environment was clean, well-organized, bright and the staff were accessible, cooperative and professional at all times."
  -Patricia H.

"What stood out the most was the friendly treatment.  Everyone looked and acted like they liked their jobs and being in the office.  I loved the fact that the doctor took her time to talk to me and she asked me lots of questions!"

"It has truly been a pleasure to have picked such wonderful rehab.  I have been through a lot with the injury to my knee and now my doctor is releasing me to return to full duty ... and your gentle touch and knowledge of my pain in my knee was a big help to my rehab.  I will miss you all and thank you for everything Health Quest did to get me where I'm at."
  -Norman W.

"Dr. Ettlinger is the most outstanding professional in his field, and in addition, puts many MD's to shame. He is professional, kind, caring, knowledgeable, and treats appropriately for each condition."
  -Kimberly G., RN

"The doctor immediately provided necessary treatment on the first visit, instead of after multiple visits. Thank you!"
  -Leonard B.

"I had a very busy, difficult schedule with school and work. (Health Quest was) always able to accommodate me."
  -Debra P.

"I felt true care/concern, and what I had to say was very important to Dr. Ettlinger. I wasn't just another number. Also, when I needed care, Dr. Ettlinger also made time to evaluate me. Thank you for your genuine care."
  -Leslie S.

"Thank you, Health Quest, for your support with regard to my medical treatment. I will continue to refer everyone that I know in need of your service to you."
  -Annecer S.

"I had hurt my neck and shoulders. It was very painful. I felt an improvement within two weeks. Now I am pain free. Besides providing me excellent treatment for my neck and shoulders, Dr. Ettlinger periodically contacted me during and after treatment to find out how I was feeling. Dr. Ettlinger is a very skillful and kind doctor."
  -Jean M.

"I am very pleased with the services that I have received (at Health Quest). The ability to make an appointment quickly and the fact that my ailment is cured would cause me to return and to refer others. Many thanks!"
  -Sheila B.

"I just wanted to tell you that when I woke up this morning, I felt like I had a new neck! It's the first time in so long that I haven't had a stiff, sore neck in the morning. Thanks so much for your help." (via e-mail)
  -Therese B.

"I came to you approximately six weeks ago as a non-believer in chiropractic medicine and as a person in severe pain, barely able to walk and unable to obtain any sleep. You were highly recommended by a friend, who said that you had provided great relief to her. Reluctantly and anxiously I made the call and you graciously were willing to see me immediately. At our first meeting, you carefully assessed the situation and immediately began a course of treatment that significantly reduced my pain and discomfort. Upon reviewing my MRI report, you made additional adjustments and now I am at a point where I am 95% better, able to walk stairs comfortably, work a full day, and sleep nights. I no longer feel I may have to lead my life as a cripple. This letter is to show my sincere appreciation and thanks for your care and concern and the treatment you have provided."
-Allan L.

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