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Your feet are the foundation of your body, and, like a series of dominoes, if your feet are not properly supported, it can create problems anywhere from your ankles to your neck.  Orthotic therapy is essential in restoring structural and functional balance and developing the strength and flexibility to keep your body stable as you stand, walk, or run. 

Depending on a variety of factors (lifestyle, health, age, weight, sex), we will select the stabilizers best suited for you.  Because it is very important to wear your stabilizers all day long, and because most people wear at least two styles of shoes each day, we may decide that a stabilizer Combo (two pairs) would be best for your low back condition. 

Lf_Normal_Colorized2.jpg Rt_Normal_Colorized2.jpg

To help determine what is best for you, we will digitally scan your feet on a state-of-the-art piece of equipment designed to identify structural discrepancies in your feet.   It will automatically recommend the type of support best suited for your feet, distribution of weight, posture and activity level.  Together, with your doctor's recommendations, you will receive stabilizers designed specifically for you and your needs.