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For those of you yet to come in - or who just haven't been in for a while - there might be a few new faces around the office. Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Lisa_Ettlinger.jpgLisa:  A part of the Health Quest team many years ago, Lisa is back in town and back on board.  She is our health insurance queen - in charge of verifying benefits and tracking or correcting outstanding insurance claims.  If you ever have a question about how your claim will be processed, give Lisa a call.


Miglena:  Miglena joined Health Quest in 2006 after several years of experience as a Chiropractic Assistant at another practice.  This enables her to help Dr. Ettlinger and Dr. Grady provide patient care that much more effectively.  In addition, as a Bulgarian native, she can provide translation services for Bulgarian or Russian speaking patients.


Julian:  Once you see the muscles, you'll see Julian is a fitness expert!  As a personal trainer and former gym teacher, he has plenty of experience working with people recovering from injuries.  Now he's added certification as a Chiropractic Assistant to his bag of tricks -- and is working on a goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon!


Marcy:  As Dr. Ettlinger's wife, Marcy has been around from the beginning and working full time for the practice since 2001.  She wears many, many hats as Office Manager and will be happy to handle any comments, complaints or compliments you may have.

sean grady_1.jpg

Dr. Sean Grady: A New York import, Dr. Grady came to us by way of another local practice.  We're glad he flew their coop and landed here.  His rapidly growing number of happy patients heartily agree!  Click here to learn more about our doctors.

Dr. Paul Ettlinger:  The one who started it all, Dr. Ettlinger founded Health Quest in 1998 wipaul_after.jpgth two rooms in an endocrinologist's office.  His vision and leadership has expanded our scope to include physical therapy, therapeutic exercise, spinal decompression, trigger point dry needling, wellness, nutrition, weight loss and functional medicine. Click here to learn more about our doctors.